Forming Great Thinkers with Great Character - Preparing children to live a meaningful life

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of the Children's Center is that of providing a warm and nurturing atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore their environment with meaningful experiences.  We incorporate a child-centered approach, focusing on the children's interests and developing our curriculum around the children.
Our curriculum is experiential and play-based.  Children learn through doing and utilizing all their senses.  We offer many opportunities to have fun through music, dance, art, movement, cooking, soccer, gardening and yoga.   Our Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten are more academically based and we concentrate on pre-reading/math/science readiness through the use of manipulatives.

Our goal is for children to explore and discover who they are.  We explore our Jewish cultural roots; we celebrate Shabbat with a musical program, bake challah every Friday and we explore our American and Jewish holidays and share our foods, languages, traditions and habits with others.
Our commitment is for our children to thrive in an inclusive, loving and exciting learning environment.