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Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Temple B’Nai Haim Children’s Center teaches Jewish and Universal values to develop great character traits for life: respect, kindness, generosity, tolerance, nonviolence, courage, compassion, truthfulness and determination. In teaching children fundamental values - as they are being taught at home - we prepare them for a meaningful life, a life of giving to the community at large.
We want to preserve our rich Jewish Heritage and enhance it with the knowledge of all cultures. We welcome everyone at TBHCC.
We celebrate our holidays with joy, bake hallah on Friday for Shabbat and explore and learn about all holidays with an open mind and a great sense of discovery.
We are very diverse with over 10 different nationalities and embrace our differences as part of our richness.
We develop our unique individual talents, learn from one another and explore life through a developmental approach with loving, caring and attentive teachers.
Our Kindergarten class is more academic teaching children to become avid readers and avid learners.
We emphasize imagination, creative play and artistic abilities for the child to express her/himself fully. We also teach children math, science, languages and literacy in a playful way. Learning should be exciting and fascinating – with music, dance, art, gymnastic and more - we certainly know how to open children’s minds and make them blossom at TBHCC.
Our goal is for children to explore and discover the best of who they are. Great character, great habits and great values enable them to learn better, feel secure in their explorations and expand their amazing potential.
Our commitment is for our children to thrive in an inclusive, loving and exciting learning environment.

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Comments RSS on Monday, October 28, 2013 6:22 PM
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Reply to comment on Sunday, August 12, 2018 2:18 AM
It is nice to know that we let our children be exposed in the surroundings. To let them explore the thing in their early stage. This is a good way to let them experience how to wonder in the environment. To share their talents and envision their thoughts through arts on what is in their creative and imaginative minds. Showing them the world will let them grow and learn things on their own. It is important that at their early age, they should be taught good moral values in order to discipline them.

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edubirdie writing on Tuesday, August 07, 2018 3:58 AM
I want to thank you for having this blog commenting feature to be on. By the way your school that teaches the good values and good qualities is one of the things that I really do admire when it comes to children "things".Being said by many,"the foundation of the child is what keeps him near or away the danger of being a bad guy" Schools like you should really receive an award for continuing to teach the children with proper manners and right conduct.I remember one of the countries that we colonize a country located in the south of the east where there is this one famous man who said "the children is the future of our county" I do not know him very much but I totally agree. And to achieve that, the schools like you will play a very big role in honing the children of today.
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